Willow in Sea Buckthorn

“Stewardship is the belief that humans are responsible for taking care of the world around them, and this is an ethic that Willow evokes at the heart of her work. Like many other foragers, it is vital that exact source of her sea buckthorn is not revealed, but this is less to do with keeping the treasure for herself but in protecting the plant and understanding that other coastal inhabitants need to share it too. Earlier today as we climbed down to the dunes we disturbed a flock of field fares that flew out across the dunes from their shrubby winter nesting grounds. This is an essential feeding station for migratory birds as the landscape combines mudflats, salt and freshwater marshes, dunes and woodland as well as this extensive network of sea buckthorn.”

Words by Lindsay Sekulowicz
Commissioned by TOAST

“With a large bucket tucked under her arm, she burrows deep into a thicket and we hear a robin call
out his warning that we are on his land now.”