Toilet Stories

Toilet Stories  explores the lives of those who are deeply affected by a lack of decent toilets – 1 in 4 people globally - and those whose lives have been transformed by them.
‘We get to talk about some quite profound things when we talk about toilets. For this project, we wanted to put people at the heart of the experience; to show people’s personalities and their hopes and dreams, rather than treating them as a sanitation issue. We realised each toilet is unique, shaped by the personality of its owner. It was a privilege to meet so many fascinating people who shared some profound moments in their lives with us. If you want to know what it’s like to be at peace about dying, to yearn for a baby you’ve lost, to get divorced, to grow plants, you can find it here, in these stories of people and their toilets.’

Words by Sally Williams
Commissioned by WaterAid

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