A Country Vet

When you’ve a menagerie of creatures – as Kat Bazeley does at her home, School House Farm in Dorset – there’s always someone who needs feeding, grooming, letting out. Having animals is like a metronome: the four-legged give life its rhythm.
Kat’s day starts early with the pulling on of some jeans and one of the many Fairisle sweaters she has knitted over the decades. She pads down to her kitchen to fill a thermos with tea, perhaps wrapping a piece of cake in cling film to take with her, then goes outside to the field and catches Albert, her horse, who she ties to the fence and grooms with a series of brushes that, to my pony-mad-child-self, run like a kind of clockwork: rubber curry comb, used in a circular motion to get rid of any almost-shed hair; dandy brush, to clean off dirt; body brush to give his coat some lustre – though not too much, you don’t want to remove any important natural oils.

Words by Mina Holland
Commissioned by TOAST / BLUEBARN